Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations are not giving the student an  advantage but are assuring an equal opportunity to show content mastery.

The ADA Office acts as an extension of the academic area by accommodating  test  administration when neither the instructor   nor the department is  able to provide the  accommodations.

The ADA staff views the instructor’s test as “sacred.”   The test  belongs to you.   You have  determined what information is on the test  and we as a service provider provide the appropriate  environment and/or  accommodation(s) that enable the student to demonstrate his/her mastery  of  the information.   Our goal is to minimize or eliminate the impact of the disability on the student.  The ADA Director determines whether a student  is eligible for accommodation(s) and  what type of accommodation(s). The  student provides the instructor with a Form 4 listing  appropriate  accommodations. The student’s right to be accommodated can not be  negotiated;  however, if one type of accommodation can be substituted for another without losing the impact  and effectiveness for the student, the  change can be negotiated.   On the Form 4, there is a space  to list the  accommodations which you and the student have agreed to forego.   Once  the student  has conferred with you and then signs the Form 4, the student  gives up the right of that  accommodation.

Test Security

It is the instructor’s responsibility to send the test to the ADA Office or  approved test site at least 24 hours prior to testing date/time.

  • You or your representative can deliver the test to the appropriate test  site.
  • E-mail the test to the appropriate test site
  • Call and request someone from the test site to pick up the test from you  or your department’s office manager.
  • The student delivers a sealed copy of the test to the test site. The ADA  Office prefers that tests are not sent through the campus mail. The ADA  Office will return the test in a sealed envelope to you or your  department’s office manager per your instructions. When the test arrives  at the ADA Office, it is logged.   The log shows the date, time, and the
    name of person who delivered the test.   The test is then placed in a  locked cabinet until the time of administration.

The beginning and ending test time is recorded, and the name of the  person who returned the test and who received the test along with the date  returned is also logged. Only the test, pens/pencils, and approved  electronic aids can be taken into the test room.   No back packs, books,  notebooks, purses, or cell phones are allowed in testing room.   Please  indicate in writing with each test if student is allowed to use specific  books, calculators and/or charts/graphs/tables/formulas during test.