Online Application- International Students



Online Application Instructions

When you click the  online application  link, follow the instructions to create a Login ID and PIN. Choose the appropriate Application Type from the drop down box and select Continue. Choose the Admission Term, type your name using the correct upper and lower case format and select Fill Out Application. All non-U.S. citizens must complete the Non-U.S. Citizen portion of the online application.

Signature Page Required

The last page of the Jefferson State online application, you will need to print off and sign the Signature Page.   Submit the  signature page  to the Admissions office at ( The signature page can be printed upon completion of the online application.   It can be faxed to the International Office or Admissions office at (205) 856-6070 or hand delivered to any Admissions office at any of the Jefferson State Campuses.   For email, send to or

Photo I.D. Required

For students from overseas, a passport may be submitted to or .   Those students in the United States in F-1 status may submit an I-20, passport, visa page, and I-94 and/or a State ID or Drivers License.   All others are required a State ID or Driver’s License, for questions, please contact

If you prefer to mail, please send documents to:

Jefferson State Community College
Enrollment Services
2601 Carson Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

International High School or College/University Information

The online application does not have the ability to look up different schools around the world, so you must enter a special code and then you will manually type the school information yourself.   For High School, use the code A99999 and for International College/University Information enter A99998.

Any questions, please email