Transient Students

A student in good standing enrolled at another institution who wants to attend Jefferson State to take classes for one term that transfer back to their home institution.

Transient students are required to complete the application process and provide an updated transient letter each term.


Transient students should begin by completing the online application. To complete the application process, students must submit a signature page and meet the identification requirement. Males between the age of 18-26 must also provide verification of selective service registration.


Applicants who attended high school, college or received a GED outside the state of Alabama may be assessed out-of-state tuition. For additional information, please review the Certification of Eligibility for In-State Residency Form.

Transient Letter

A transient letter must be received in Enrollment Services before a student may register. The transient letter must list all courses the student is eligible to take. This letter guarantees the transferability of courses taken at Jefferson State Community College to the student’s home institution.

Financial Aid

Transient students are not eligible for financial aid at Jefferson State.

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