Point System Evaluation

Awards and recognitions in this program are evaluated based on this point system.


  • 5 points per session: 10 minutes early to every meeting


  • 5 points per session: Discussion & Contribution
  • 10 points per session: Monthly Competition 1st place
  • 5 points per session: Monthly Competition 2nd place


  • 5 points: Running for an Explorer Office
  • 10 points possible: Serving as Explorer Officer

Community Service/Job Shadow Presentation

  • 10 points possible: Students may choose to give a five minute presentation to the class about a community service project or a job shadow opportunity in the culinary/hospitality field. Mrs. Holmes is available by appointment to help develop your presentation.

Final Competition

  • 20 points possible: At our last meeting in May, there will be a final competition testing you on the cumulative knowledge gained over the course of the year. Criteria for grading will be discussed prior to the competition but will include challenges such as culinary and hospitality skills, professionalism, attitude and teamwork. The first place winner will receive 20 points and the runner up will receive 10 points toward their overall score for the year.

Recognitions, including certificates, prizes and a full tuition scholarship to Jefferson State’s Culinary and Hospitality Institute will be awarded at a graduation reception following the Final Competition in May 2.