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Steam Power provided the gateway to mechanical machinery that spurred the First Industrial Revolution. Electric Power made improvements on mechanized production thus creating the Second Industrial Revolution. The invention of the transistor ushered the age of electronics and spawned digital and information technologies that transformed into programmable-automated production.

The Third Industrial Revolution provides the technological infrastructure of digital and information technologies fusion for manufacturing and process controls. This technology fusion has transformed automation and production to be data centric which the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is born. The Industry 4.0 Conference/Workshop will provide educational awareness to high school students exploring careers in Manufacturing Systems Technology, Welding, CADD, and Automotive/Automated Manufacturing. In addition, hands-on laboratory demonstrations in the advancements of process controls, manufacturing-production automation, electronic sensors, and embedded platform technologies will be presented as well.


Don Wilcher
Director of Manufacturing and Technology
(256)-690-9721 (Cell)

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