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Check My Status

Instructions on how to check my financial aid status:
  1. Sign on to My JSCC Pipeline with your user name and password.
  2. Select the Student tab, then click on Access Your Online Services.
  3. Select the Financial Aid tab, then select Award.
  4. Select Award for Aid Year. Select year, then Submit.
  5. Click on the Terms and Conditions tab. Read this information carefully; then click on Accept. If requesting a loan, select the Resources/Additional Information tab, and follow instructions. Click on Submit Information if answer is "Yes".
  6. Go back to Financial Aid tab and select Eligibility to review outstanding requirements.
  7. Click on the Instructions icon for each requirement to see what is needed.
  8. Print and submit any required forms, to the Financial Aid Office within five days of the date of this email or by the fall deadline, whichever is first.
Submitting financial aid documents has just become easier!

You can now send your documents to the Financial Aid office by using email or fax!

  1. Fax any documents regarding financial aid to (205) 856-8090
  2. Scan and email your documents to fadocs@jeffstateonline.com. Attention: Be sure to put your "Student J Number" at the top of each page you are submitting!

Please note that some financial aid documents may require the student to submit in person or have them notarized before they are mailed. These documents that must be brought in person or have notarized before mailing will be notated on the the form if they cannot be e-mailed or faxed.