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Accreditation/Mission Statement


Building Science Program Accrediting Body - ACCE

The Construction Management Technology Option of the Construction and Building Science Technology Program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

Mission Statement

The general mission of the construction program, as contained in the Mission of the College, is to offer programs and activities that reflect those characteristics that help define an educated person. These characteristics include a level of general education that enables the individual to understand his or her culture and environment; the development of skills in analysis, communication, quantification, and synthesis necessary for further growth as a lifelong member of society; the identification of a system of personal values based on accepted ethics that lead to civic and social responsibility; and the attainment of skills that enhance the development of leisure activities and a healthful lifestyle. These characteristics are attained not only through organized courses and programs, but also through a variety of social, cultural, civic and other educational activities that are offered based on the needs of the community.


The following purposes stem from this philosophy and are stated by the College as commitments to fulfilling the overall role of the institution.

The program, accordingly with the college mission, is committed: