Foodservice/Culinary Management Advanced Option Requirements (CER C092)

The courses listed below are part of the A.A.S. degree. While completing requirements for A.A.S. degree, a student can earn the advanced certificate. To be awarded the advanced certificate, the student should contact the Enrollment Services Graduation Office.

  • *A minimum of 41 hours and a minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for a certificate from Jefferson State.
  • *A minimum of 11 hours in this program must be completed at JSCC to satisfy the residency requirement.
  • *Grade of C or better required in all major and option courses.

Courses Required

  • ENG 101 English Composition I
  • MTH 100 or 116 Mathematics
  • CIS 130 or 146 Computer Science
  • Humanities & Fine Arts Elective
  • CUA 101 Orientation to the Hospitality Profession
  • HMM 105S Principles of Hospitality Management
  • CUA 111 Foundations in Nutrition
  • CUA 112S Sanitation, Safety & Food Service
  • CUA 213 Food Purchasing & Cost Control
  • CUA 110 Basic Food Preparation
  • CUA 120 Basic Food Preparation Lab
  • CUA 115 Advanced Food Preparation
  • CUA 201 Meat Preparation & Processing
  • CUA 204 Foundations of Baking
  • CUA 210 Beverage Management