Fire Science

Fire Science PageThe Fire Science Program is a program of study designed to prepare persons serving in the fire service to advance to leadership positions within their organizations. Required and elective courses of study within the degree program are designed to promote professionalism of fire service personnel and to advance critical thinking at the strategic level of emergency response providing for a safer and more efficient operation at emergency scenes. Courses will build upon basic tactical training that firefighters receive in initial recruit training. Information concerning current standards in safety, training, building construction, command strategies, fire inspection codes, national incident management, local, state and federal response expectations and guidelines are presented to students to prepare for a fulfilling career in public service and management of civil service personnel.

Fire Science Brochure

Courses are provided in online, blended, and traditional course formats to accommodate the unique rotating schedules of firefighters. Several courses within the program parallel courses offered as technical education through the Alabama Fire College either on campus or through regional training partnerships with fire department training offices within the state. Upon successful completion of six hours in the Fire Science Program, students can be awarded credit for state level certification classes up to twenty credit hours. Students should meet with an advisor to determine eligibility for this credit and to develop an educational plan to satisfy the requirements of the program.