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Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do to enter the FSE program?

How do I complete an application to Jefferson State Community College?

I have completed an application to Jefferson State Community College, what do I do next?

How do I obtain an apprenticeship with a funeral home?

How long do I have to serve my apprenticeship before I can enter school?

I have a funeral director’s license and I just want an embalmer’s license, what should I do? 

What are the requirements for the Distance Learning Option?

How much of the Distance Learning courses are offered online and how often do I have to come to Birmingham?

What if I have courses at another accredited mortuary school and I want to get credit for them?

I don't want to be an embalmer I just want to be a funeral director, what should I do?

What is Jeff State current tuition for out-of-state students?

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