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Admission Requirements

RN Admission Requirements

Students must meet minimum criteria in order to be eligible for admission into the Nursing Education Program at Jefferson State Community College. Please refer to the following Nursing Application Check List.

Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

Note: The Nursing Program is currently undergoing revision. Published guidelines and requirements are subject to change without notice. Updated Information will be posted on the Jefferson State website as available.

After meeting all minimum criteria, applicants are ranked using a point system based on the TEAS V score and grades in the selected college level science and math courses. Grades in selected high school courses may be used for ranking students who have not completed the appropriate college courses.

Since admission to the Nursing Education Program is competitive, meeting the minimum admission criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The number of applicants to be admitted will be based on the availability of instructors and facilities for nursing laboratory sections as approved by the department and by the college.

Applicants will not be admitted if it is determined that he/she does not meet the Alabama Board of Nursing's requirements for licensure, the college's requirements for admission, or the Nursing Education Program's admission requirements, Progression Guidelines, or Transfer Guidelines. The Administrative Code of the Alabama Board of Nursing states that grounds for denial of a license to practice as a registered nurse include, but are not limited to, conviction of a felony or certain other criminal offenses, chemical dependency, mental incompetence, and other reasons authorized by law or regulations. If any of the above situations appears applicable, contact the Chairperson of the Department of Nursing to discuss your standing prior to submitting an application.

The Alabama College System endorses the Americans' with Disabilities Act. In accordance with College policy, when requested, reasonable accommodations may be provided for individuals with disabilities.

Physical, cognitive, psychomotor, affective and social abilities are required in unique combinations to provide safe and effective nursing care. The applicant/student must be able to meet the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations throughout the program of learning. Admission, progression and graduation are contingent upon one's ability to demonstrate the essential functions delineated for the nursing programs with or without reasonable accommodations. The nursing programs and /or its affiliated clinical agencies may identify additional essential functions. The nursing programs reserve the right to amend the essential functions as deemed necessary.

In order to be admitted and to progress in the nursing program one must possess a functional level of ability to perform the duties required of a nurse. Admission or progression may be denied if a student is unable to demonstrate the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations.

The essential functions delineated are those deemed necessary by the Alabama College System nursing programs. No representation regarding industrial standards is implied. Similarly, any reasonable accommodations made will be determined and applied to the respective nursing program and may vary from reasonable accommodations made by healthcare employers.

The essential functions delineated below are necessary for nursing program admission, progression and graduation and for the provision of safe and effective nursing care. The essential functions include but are not limited to the ability to:

Upon admission, an individual who discloses a disability can request reasonable accommodations. Individuals will be asked to provide documentation of the disability in order to assist with the provision of appropriate reasonable accommodations. The respective College will provide reasonable accommodations but is not required to substantially alter the requirements or nature of the program or provide accommodations that inflict an undue burden on the respective College. In order to be admitted one must be able to perform all of the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations. If an individual's health changes during the program of learning, so that the essential functions cannot be met with or without reasonable accommodations, the student will be withdrawn from the nursing program. The nursing faculty reserves the right at any time to require an additional medical examination at the student's expense in order to assist with the Evaluation of Student Ability to Perform.

Requests for reasonable accommodations should be directed to the ADA Office.

The information provided on this website is for information purposes only and is not to be considered as a contract between a student and Jefferson State Community College. Jefferson State reserves the right to change any provision listed on this website without furnishing actual notice to individual students. Information on any changes will be available in the office of the Chairperson of the Department of Nursing. Every attempt will be made to advise students if any changes do occur.