Frequently Asked Questions - NUR

How do I apply to the nursing program?

Applying to the nursing program is a two-application process. An application to the college must be completed.  Once college admission is granted, then an application to the nursing education program can be completed.  See eligibility requirements for the nursing program.

How is my ranking score determined?

See page 2 of the nursing program application checklist for a detailed list of how the ranking score is calculated.

How will I know if I am accepted into the nursing program?

Once the application deadline has passed, the nursing pre-program advisors will review and rank all program applicants.  Students will receive an email to their Jefferson State email account from the nursing department with instructions of how to secure a seat in the upcoming nursing class. 

How will I know if I’m not accepted into the nursing program?

You will receive an email to your Jefferson State email account.  Admission to the nursing education program is very competitive.  Students are encouraged to work with the pre-program nursing advisors to determine how to make you more competitive for the next admission cycle.

What are the nursing application deadlines?

All applications must be in by 4:30 p.m. on the deadline dates listed below:

  • Fall: May 12
  • Spring: October 6
  • Summer: February 6

Deadlines for application submission that fall on weekends will extend to the next business day.

The following only accept applications for the Fall Semester only: Evening Track, St. Clair-Pell City and Chilton-Clanton Campus

Do all campuses admit every semester?

No.  See Campuses tab for admissions schedules.

Do all non-nursing courses need to be completed before applying to the nursing program?

All general education courses must be completed prior to applying for the Evening program.  The day program allows select courses to be take concurrently with nursing courses.

How many students are accepted into the program each year?

The Nursing program accepts approximately 450 students across all locations.  This is subject to change based upon resources and clinical placement opportunities.

How many points do I need to get into the program?

There is a total of 58 possible points. Each semester admission is based on the pool of applicants; therefore, some semesters are more competitive than others. If you are not accepted in one semester, we encourage you to apply again.

Can I continue to work full-time and be in the nursing program?

Students are not restricted from working full-time.  However, successful completion of the nursing program requires attendance for lecture, lab and clinical assignments.  The best option for individuals needing to work full-time is the Evening program which is designed for working adults.

The meeting times and days for the evening program vary throughout each semester.  Students should plan on being available in the evenings Monday through Thursday for lecture/lab.  In addition, students are required to complete clinical experiences occurring anywhere in the central Alabama vicinity.  Clinical assignments may occur during days, evenings, or weekends.  While we make every effort to arrange experiences that accommodate working students, there are certain clinical dates that will require participation outside of the evening hours

How much does the nursing program cost?

See Prospective Student page for an estimated cost sheet.

Can I take nursing classes on-line?

No.  All nursing classes require on campus attendance.

How long are ACT scores valid?

Your ACT scores never expire.

What is the ACT residual?

The ACT residual is the same test as the national ACT.  The results are expedited to meet admission deadlines.  We accept ACT residual results from all Alabama community colleges.

How often can I take the ACT?

The ACT (national or residual) test can be taken every 60 days and only by appointment.  You can contact the Testing Office on the Jefferson Campus at 205-856-7896 or at the Shelby Campus at 205-983-5276 to make an appointment.

I’ve turned in my application. How do I check on the status?

Contact the Pre-Nursing Advisors via email to check on the status. Please be aware that the Pre-Nursing Advisors serve all campus locations.  An immediate response is not always possible due to their schedules and a high volume of applicants.

I already have a degree and I want to know what will transfer?

All college transcripts should be sent to the Enrollment Services department for evaluation.

Can I transfer nursing courses that I have already taken at another school or do I have to start over?

Transfer options will go through the Associate Dean of Nursing.  Call 205-856-6023 for an appointment, please bring transcripts with you in a sealed envelope or have your official transcripts to Enrollment Services and request an evaluation be done.

Can I take more nursing courses than what is outlined in the curriculum since I have completed my prerequisites?

The published five semester nursing curriculum is mandated by the State of Alabama and must be followed as specified.

Does Jefferson State offer the LPN program or the LPN Mobility program?

No, the only program offered is the Associate Degree RN Program