Accreditation/Mission Statement - RAD

RAD Tech PhantomProgram Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Radiologic Technology Program at Jefferson State Community College is to prepare graduates for entry-level employment as a radiologic technologist in the healthcare community.

This program mission is consistent with the colleges Statement of Philosophy and Purpose in the Jefferson State Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.

Program Goals:

The program mission can be met by the achievement of the following goals:

  1. Students will demonstrate clinical competence.
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • *Students will apply positioning skills.
    • *Student will select appropriate technical factors.
    • *Students will practice radiation protection.
  1. Students will effectively communicate.
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • *Students will use effective oral communication skills.
    • *Students will practice written communication skills.
  1. Students will utilize critical thinking skills.
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • *Students will manipulate technical factors for non-routine examinations.
    • *Students will adapt positioning for trauma patients.
  1. Students will evaluate the importance of professionalism.
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • *Students will develop a professional resume.
    • *Students will exhibit professional behaviors such as punctuality in the clinical setting.
  1. Provide qualified radiographers to meet the health care needs of the community.
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • *Students will pass the ARRT national certification on the first attempt.
    • *Students will complete the program according to program guidelines.
    • *Students will be satisfied with their education.
    • *Employers will be satisfied with the graduate’s performance.
    • *Of those pursuing employment, students will be gainfully employed within twelve months post-graduation.

Radiologic Technology Program Accreditation

The Radiologic Technology Program at Jefferson State Community College is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.  The JRCERT develops educational standards that are accepted by professionals in the radiologic sciences.  The program has a full 8-year accreditation with the next review date in October 2014. The JRCERT may be contacted at or:

20N Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606-3182
(312) 704-5300
(312) 704-5304 Fax

Jefferson State Community College is regionally accredited through the Southern Association of College and Schools.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Commission on Colleges:
(404) 679-4500 extension 4504
(404) 679-4558 Fax

Effectiveness data for the program will be available on the JRCERT or Jefferson State Community College websites.

Program Effectiveness Data

 **Note—Graduates have up to three years to take the certification exam.  Cohort scores are based off of students who have taken the certification exam.

Five-year average credentialing examination (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Radiography exam) pass rate of not less than 75 percent at first attempt.

Year Percent passing on 1st attempt Number of students
2014 100% 22 out of 22 students passed on 1st attempt
2015 92% 23 out of 24 students passed on 1st attempt 1 pass and 1 fail from previous years
2016 100% 19 out of 19 students passed on 1st attempt
2017 95% 18 out of 19 students passed on 1st attempt
2018 88% 15 out of 17 students passed on 1st attempt 2 failures on 1st attempt, passed 2nd attempt
  5 year average   95%

** Note- Graduate follow up surveys are typically sent to graduates 6 months after graduation. Job placement rate definition changed in 2014 to reflect employment within 12 months of graduation. Five-year average job placement rate of not less than 75 percent within twelve months of graduation.

Year Percent Job Placement Number of Students
2014 100% 22 graduates 22 actively seeking employment 22 employed in the field
2015 100% 24 graduates 24 actively seeking employment 24 Employed in the filed
2016 100 % 19 graduates 19 actively seeking employment 19 employed in the field (within 2 months of graduation)
2017 100% 19 graduates 19 actively seeking employment employed in the field
2018 100% 17 graduates 16 actively seeking employment 16 employed in the field (within 1 month of graduation)
  5 year average   100%

Program completion rate The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology defines annual program completion rate by a calculation. It is the number of students who complete the program with a cohort divided by the number who enrolled in the cohort initially and subsequently. The number of students who began the program may not reflect the number of students who were initially admitted.

Year Percent Completion Number of Students
2014 67 33 began program 22 graduates
2015 75 32 began program 24 graduates
2016 63 30 Began program 19 graduates
2017 70 27 began program 19 graduates
2018 63 27 began program 17 graduates
5 year average 68

For more information regarding program effectiveness data visit the JRCERT website at