Quality Enhancement Plan

What is MTH 100S?

Internet based MTH 100S is a four credit hour course that covers all content from MTH 100 and incorporates important supporting concepts from MTH 098.  Online course requirements can be completed on a personal computer with reliable high-speed Internet or in one of Jefferson State’s Learning Success Center computer labs.   Students are not required to purchase a textbook for MTH 100S.  All aspects of the course are supported by a specifically trained instructor.   The instructor will be available to meet with students by appointment at the Shelby-Hoover Campus or the Jefferson Campus near Center Point.

Students will attend a required on-campus orientation meeting during the first full week of classes.   There are four on-campus tests during the semester and an on-campus final exam at the end of the course.  The course runs on the same calendar as other 2019 spring courses, beginning Friday, January 4, and continuing through the week of final exams, April 29 – May 3.

Who can register for MTH 100S?

Internet based MTH 100S is an option for students with

  • 51-69 on the ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra test.
  • 17-18 on the ACT Math subtest.
  • 2.75 high school graduating GPA and a “C” in high school Algebra 2 or Precalculus or Calculus
  • 24-43 on the COMPASS Algebra Test (before fall 2016).

How do I register?

If you are a qualifying student interested in registering for MTH 100S then contact Alan Davis  at adavis@jeffersonstate.edu.  Include your full name and your JSCC J-Number in your message.   At this time you cannot automatically register yourself online.

What is QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), is a part of the reaffirmation process the college goes through to maintain its accreditation. It involves several types of research to help identify an area of need within our student population. The college responds by developing a comprehensive plan to address the need.

What did our college select for the QEP?

Our college targeted developmental Mathematics (Math 090, Math 098) as a particular area of need for our students. Our plan allows qualified students to use an online learning environment in conjunction with increased instructor support to decrease the time spent in developmental mathematics.

Alan Davis
Associate Dean of Developmental Education and Distance Education
Jefferson State Community College
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