Jefferson State Community College requires a comprehensive assessment of students in math, English, and ESL classes prior to enrollment in classes unless appropriate exemptions are on file with Enrollment Services. Course placement is determined by the results of this assessment. Students enrolled in courses for which they are ineligible will be administratively withdrawn. There is no fee for initial math and English placement tests. Pursuant to college policy, students must wait one calendar year before retesting on the math and English placement tests and there is a retest fee of $8.00.

Students may arrive any time between the hours listed. Students must present photo identification and have an application for enrollment on file with Enrollment Services at the time of testing. It is highly recommended that a student take the placement test at least 5 business days prior to any program deadline that one may need to meet. Accuplacer transcripts are only considered “OFFICIAL” if they are mailed directly from one institution to another institution (the testing office does not consider hand delivered or faxed transcripts as “OFFICIAL”, therefore they will not be accepted). In order to request a placement transcript a student must go to the testing center, complete a transcript request form, pay a $5.00 fee, and the request will be processed within 5 business days. The testing office does not accept transcript requests over the phone or via fax. Any Accuplacer transcript that leaves the testing office, other than by mail, will be stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT”.

GED Score Requests

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