Business Information Systems

The Department of Business and Information Systems includes the areas of Business, Computer Science, and Office Administration.

The mission of this department is two-fold. The department provides all students access to quality educational opportunities and   experiences that will meet the needs
of an ever-changing and increasingly demanding technological society.

In addition, the department provides outstanding educational instruction which prepares students for transfer to a college or university.

The department will:
  • provide career programs and professional degree programs that enable graduates to obtain immediate employment
  • prepare students to continue their education at four year institutions
  • expand learning opportunities through the integration of technology with instruction
  • provide access to instruction through distance learning as well as traditional modes of delivery
  • provide courses that help those already employed acquire specialized skills needed as a result of technological advances or for job advancement
  • evaluate programs and courses for relevancy, making ¬†appropriate changes when needed
  • maintain a professional and knowledgeable faculty