Computer Programming Option (AAS C056)

Option for Concentrated Study & Proposed Courses of Study

This proposed program of study is offered as an example on how to structure a course pathway for your degree plan.  This proposal assumes full-time enrollment for a 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree.  The order of CIS courses takes into account prerequisite requirements, programming language commonality conflict, and courses only available in specific semesters.  Every student’s situation is unique and may require a different approach than the pathway below.  Always attempt to take the CIS courses in the presented order.  The course sequence is the most important consideration, especially if you are not on full-time status. There are several courses in the curriculum offered during Summer terms, and most courses are offered in both campus lecture and Internet formats through the year.  The General Course requirements are listed in the JSCC Catalog/Student Handbook.

Proposed Program of Study for: Catalog 2021-2022

First semester 

Course/Credit Hours

CIS 150    3 hrs.
CIS 263    3 hrs.

CIS 146    3 hrs.
General Course     3 hrs.
General Course     3 hrs.
Total hours    15


Second semester

Course/Credit Hours
CIS 251    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 150)
CIS 157    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 150)

CIS 222    3 hrs.
General Courses   6 hrs.
Total hours    15


Third Semester

Course/Credit Hours.
CIS 220    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 157)

CIS 207    3 hrs.

CIS 202    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 150)
CIS 255    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 150)
General Courses    3 hrs.
Total hours    15


Fourth Semester

Course/Credit Hours
CIS 285    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 255)

CIS 215    3 hrs. (Prerequisite: CIS 150)
CIS 270    3 hrs.

General Course   3 hrs.
General Course   2 hrs.
General Course   4 hrs.
Total hours    18