Computer Programming Option AAS C056

Computer Information Systems Technology Degree


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The courses listed below are part of the A.A.S. degree. While completing requirements for A.A.S. degree, a student can earn the short and advanced certificate**.

  • A minimum of 63 hours is needed to apply for A.A.S. graduation.
  • A minimum of 30 hours for advanced certificate.
  • A minimum of 18 hours for short certificate.

To be awarded the certificates and A.A.S. degree, students should contact Enrollment Services Graduation Office two terms before graduating at 205-856-7793 ([email protected]) or 205-856-7757.

Courses Required A.A.S C056

General Courses (24 hours)

Major Courses (12 hours)

  • CIS 146 Microcomputer Applications
  • CIS 150 Introduction to Computer Logic and Programming
  • CIS 263 Computer Maintenance
  • CIS 270 Cisco CCNA I

Computer Programming Option (27 hours)

  • CIS 202 Python Programming
  • CIS 207 Web Development
  • CIS 157 Introduction to App Development with Swift
  • CIS 220 App Development with Swift I
  • CIS 251 C++ Programming
  • CIS 215 C# Programming
  • CIS 222 Database Management Systems
  • CIS 255 Java Programming
  • CIS 285 Object-Oriented Programming (Advanced Java)

CIS 130 Introduction to Information Systems is required for students without basic computer skills.
OAD 101 Beginning Keyboarding is required for students without basic keyboarding skills.
*A student planning to take ART 220 or ART 221 should take ART 121 for the Humanities elective.


**A student can also earn the Web Technologies short certificate (STC C213) by taking one additional course, CIS 209 Advanced Web Development, along with this curriculum. Financial Aid will not cover the cost of this course for students enrolled in the Computer Programming option.

Meeting with an advisor is highly recommended.