Construction Field Engineer

Course Objectives

Site layout is an important phase of any construction activity from beginning to end. The impact of good layout practices in terms of time, money, and construction efficiency increases with the size of the project. Site layout technicians typically survey and otherwise gather information about a proposed job site. As a job progresses, they lay out the location of structures and other features on the site, check the dimensions of the structures as they are being built, document the completed work, and verify that all the work is done in accordance with the design plans and specifications. Topics covered in this two-level curriculum include Surveying Math, Blueprint Reading for Surveyors, and Control Setup.



Level One:

·         Introduction to Site Layout

·         Surveying Math

·         Survey Equipment Use and Care

·         Blueprint Reading for Surveyors

Level Two:

·         Advanced Surveying Math

·         Survey Equipment Use and Care Two

·         Control Setup

·         Boundary and Topography Surveys

·         Date Collection and Basic Computer Skills

·         Concrete Properties and Quality Control

·         Means and Methods


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