2021 General Protocols

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These protocols are established to guide on-campus instruction and support services.

1. The college is offering more courses that occur on campus, as identified in the published schedule.

2. Students and employees will continue to comply with six-foot distancing as practicable.

3. Students will be screened as they enter a building for classroom/laboratory instruction. If a student has a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4 °F (38°C), he/she will not be allowed to stay for classroom/lab activities.

4. Students are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings at all times while on campus. Students will be required to wear face coverings in all indoor spaces, including classrooms and labs, and outdoors during any meeting/activity in which six-foot distancing cannot be maintained. Students may provide their own face coverings though disposable masks will be available for any student without a personal face covering.

5. Students will be required to wash or sanitize their hands prior to any lab experience and following its completion.

6. Employees are required to wear face coverings outside their offices or personal work areas, including classrooms and labs, and in any environment in which they cannot maintain six-foot social distancing.

7. Masks and hand sanitizer for students are available from the Maintenance Department. Each instructor will ensure that masks and hand sanitizer are available in each classroom/lab.

8. For any classroom/laboratory used for instruction, seating will be arranged to maintain six-foot distancing. For any laboratory without seating, six-foot distances from usable equipment will be marked accordingly.

9. For any student or visitor not complying with college or program safety protocols, employees may remind him or her of the protocols, but should not confront the person or otherwise attempt to enforce the safety measures. Instead, the employee should contact campus police.

10. For any person arriving on campus with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or for any person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 desiring to return to campus, the college will continue to follow applicable guidance.