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Fall Semester Creative Writing Course

June 15, 2017 mpartain Blog

Creative Writing Course Fall 2017 2A creative writing course is a chance to explore details from your life – or your imagination. Although structure, grammar, and clarity remain important, creative writing focuses more on personal expression than the analysis common in composition. In planning the schedule, the instructor will choose topics based on student interests. Possible genres to study include poetry, fiction, nonfiction, stage writing, screenwriting, video essays. Class meetings may also cover submitting work for publication.

The Fall 2017-18 course is designed to serve the widest variety of students. The course has the following attributes:

  1. Hybrid presentation – Some coursework will be completed online. This may include readings, critiques, or viewing of video lectures.
  2. Videoconference class meetings – The class will be videoconferened at all Jefferson State campuses. The instructor will travel between campuses from week to week.
  3. Friday meeting – The longer Friday classes will allow for extended discussions, deeper reviews of material, and in-class exercises.

Fall 2017

  • Fridays 11:10-1:40
  • CRN 14266

For more information contact:

Katie Boyer
English Instructor, SKD Sponsor
[email protected]