Shopping Sheet

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

The Financial Aid Federal Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool that Jefferson State Community College provides to notify students about their financial cost to attend. It is a standardized form that is designed to simplify the information that students receive about costs and financial aid. The shopping sheet generates figures that are estimates only and all tuition rates and fees are subject to change without notice.

A generic financial aid shopping sheet with estimated costs of attendance is listed below for prospective students who have not yet completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To view the financial aid shopping sheet if you have completed the FAFSA for the College, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your JSCC account
  • Under Online Services select Access Your Online Services
  • Select the Financial Aid Tab
  • Select Federal Shopping Sheet and select the appropriate aid year

Below is an example of what you will see when you view the Federal Shopping Sheet.  The numbers used below are only used as examples of what may appear on a typical Federal Shopping Sheet. The numbers below do not necessarily reflect what you will see when you log into your personalized Federal Shopping Sheet in your Self-Service Banner.

Click Here To Download An Example Shopping Sheet