Non-Traditional High School Diploma

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Thank you for inquiring about our High School Diploma Options Program (HSDO).

To qualify for the HSDO program, you must meet all 3 of the requirements below: 

  1. Must be age 19 or older 
  2. Must have last attended a public school in Alabama & 
  3. Must have 10 credits in high school 

If you meet all 3 requirements, we can start the process.

 To start the process, please complete the 2 steps shown below:  

  1. Complete the attached Transcript Audit Form.  Please email the completed form back to Dr. Tamara Payne.  Her email address is shown on the bottom of the form.  This form will allow us to request your information from your high school.  Once we receive & evaluate the information, we will contact you to discuss your options.
  2. Also, please be sure to complete the enrollment form in the link below.

Online Public Link

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (205) 856-7945.

To request more information click here.