Proper Attire and Etiquette

Commencement is a dignified occasion honoring important educational accomplishments. Decorum and courtesy are important to you and your family, and to your fellow graduates and their families.

Suggested Attire for Women

  • dark dress or pants, cool fabric
  • dark low heel or flat shoes
  • no high collars or bows at the neck
  • no corsages or jewelry on the robe

Suggested Attire for Men

  • dark trousers, white shirts, tie is optional
  • dark shoes and socks
  • no sandals

Ceremony Etiquette

  • Once you have entered the auditorium and have been seated you are expected to remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony marked by the candidate recessional.
  • Improper attire, signs, and insignia will be removed by the marshals.
  • Cell phones and other electronic equipment should be turned off.
  • Valuables should be left with family members or guests prior to arriving at your assembly location. Do not leave purses, keys, or other personal items in the line-up room or hallway. The College is not responsible for items left in the assembly room, hallways or in the auditorium.

The ceremony should last approximately two hours.