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Dual Enrollment Program Cuts College Costs

December 18, 2015 dbobo Blog

DualEnroll News Jan 2016Posted: December 2015

Many local high school students  are reducing the cost of higher education by enrolling in the Dual Enrollment program at Jefferson State.

Dual Enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit concurrently while in high school. Earned credit can transfer to college following high school graduation.

“The Dual Enrollment program is a fantastic way for high school students to not only get a head start on college, but save thousands on college expenses,” said Jefferson State’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator Dr. Jessica G. Bumpus. “Students taking dual enrollment classes at Jefferson State save on tuition and also on other expenses since they are reducing their time away at college.”

Students may begin earning dual enrollment credit the summer following their sophomore year of high school.

“Dual Enrollment allows high school students to begin accumulating college credits and helps students graduate on time or even early,” said Bumpus. “Students also benefit by getting accustomed to college classes before they leave the comfort and support of home.”

Jefferson State  has 1,263 students currently enrolled in dual enrollment. These students are enrolled in more than 37 different courses from more than 30 different high schools.

For more information about Jefferson State’s Dual Enrollment program, email [email protected] or call (205) 983-5911.