Italy, Germany, and Switzerland - Spring Break 2019

May 1, 2018 dbobo Blog

spring break 2019Take a gondola ride up a Swiss mountain, see the building in Munich, Germany where Mozart wrote a famous opera, and experience the vast architectural, artistic, and musical heritage in Venice, Italy. 

These and many more sights, sounds, and wonders await you as part of our 2019 Spring Break Study Abroad Tour! Our 2019 trip will take us through selected sites in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

As one student commented on our most recent trip through France and Spain, “This tour was the best experience of my life; I just wish we could’ve stayed longer. Honestly, I’ll never forget it!”

According to QS Global Employer, more than 80% of companies surveyed said they actively seek graduates who have traveled abroad. There are several reasons for this, but to touch on just a few:  Travel gets you out of your comfort zone; you gain experience navigating foreign environments, and you become a smarter and more competent individual.

Travel builds confidence; you realize you CAN do things that you have little to no experience doing. You gain awareness of cultural similarities and differences that can help you better understand international issues and conflicts. In essence, you begin to see life from different points of view.

You’ll make new friends, experience places that you know about only through media. Plus, think of all the various foods that you’ll get to sample. Maybe most important of all it that it is just FUN! Put your life on a new path; sign up for an experience that you too will never forget!

For more information on our 2019 trip, go to You can also contact tour leader, Kyle Irvin at [email protected] or call him at 205-983-5960.