MSSC - Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)

MSSC CLT CPTThe CLT Certification addresses the core technical competencies of higher skilled, front-line material handling and distribution workers in all supply chain facilities: from factories to warehouses, distribution centers and transporters. MSSC awards the foundational-level Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) certificate and the midlevel Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certification. The CLA is a prerequisite for CLT and both courses are approximately 28-30 hours. The curriculum consists of entry level skills such as global supply chain logistics, material handling, safety principles, quality control, teamwork and communications to mid-level skills such as product receiving and storage, inventory control, and dispatching and tracking operations.

The CPT and CLT are both accredited under ANSI-ISO 17024 (Personnel Certification) making it the only national certification body globally with this designation for manufacturing and logistics.

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