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Amazing Race Rules & Requirements

2022 Pioneer Day Amazing Race- Friday, September 30th

  • Location: 2601 Carson Road, Birmingham 35215, between buildings AL and BDH
  • Check-In: Report to Check-In table on quad sidewalk from 8:00 am-8:49 am.  Teams that check in after 8:50 am will receive a one-minute penalty.
  • Awards: 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd place medals as well as Team Spirit medals- all presented by President Keith Brown at 11:15 am

Team Requirements:

  • 5-8 members and team members MUST stay together at each event during the race. (no splitting up)
  • Can be a combination of employees, students & alumni.
  • 4 members should be able to complete physical challenges.
  • Perform a team cheer or chant *see Team Spirit
  • Check-in (quad in front of Allen Library) beginning at 8:00 am and later than 8:50 am will incur a 60 second penalty.
  • Wear athletic shoes and clothes that can get dirty.

Be aware of hydration stations/Pepsi snack truck & First Aid which is indicated on the map on the back of your team card which you receive at check in.

Amazing Race General Rules & Suggestions:

  • All team members should be registered participants and at least four members should be able to complete moderate/intense physical activities.
  • Teams are to perform a team cheer/chant and that, along with your team camaraderie while competing, will determine the Team Spirit winner.
  • When race begins, teams may rotate through stations in any order.
  • Most stations can accommodate two teams at once, but all teams will be timed and recorded individually.
  • Winners are determined by added individual station times, NOT who turns in their cards first, so keep going even if you see other teams are finished.
  • Most stations are timed so pay attention to your station leader’s instructions and start time.
  • Station leaders will initial your Team Card indicating they have completed their station and station leaders will record time.
  • Teams can determine which team members will compete for each different station. Not all members are required for every event so pay attention!
  • Team members should seek immediate assistance from First Aid if they need it. First Aid location is indicated on the Team Card map.
  • To increase your chances of success, do not share information with other teams who may not have completed all activities.
  • Teams who “lose” a member during the AR CAN and are encouraged to continue to complete the race. Our EMS staff will take great care of your member!

Team Captain Requirements:

  • Register team at and update participants if needed with [email protected]
  • Communicate updates prior to the AR to other team members, you are the only contact information we have so PLEASE relay to your team!.
  • Help team create team cheer or chant to perform at the AR*see Team Spirit
  • Check in begins at 8:00 am and teams that check in after 8:50 am will receive a 60 second penalty.
  • Carry the Team Card and RETURN when complete to Check-In area.
  • Be present at 9:00 am to hear instructions for start of Race.
  • Encourage, motivate and have FUN with your team!
  • Be present around 10:45 am to listen for **Bonus Round Instructions.
  • Be present around 11:15 am for Awards Ceremony.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch with your team and opponents at 11:30!

*Team Spirit Requirements:

  • Teams must create a team cheer/chant with a two-minute time limit to perform as one of the stations at the Amazing Race.
  • Teams will also get their team picture before performing their cheer.
  • The Team Spirit medal will be awarded to a team that displayed exceptional camaraderie during the AR as well as scored in the top three of the cheer competitions.
  • Judges will use the following criteria to evaluate your cheer:
  • Attire:  Fashion; Team style; Color coordination
  • Content:  Rhyme and rhythm of cheer; Ease of understanding
  • Spirit:  Smiles; Enthusiasm
  • Originalilty:  JSCC included; Catchiness of cheer

**Bonus Round Information:

There are several opportunities for bonuses, meaning 30 or 60 seconds deducted from your overall time score.

  • 1 st to Finish– The first team to turn in their Team Card fully completed with initials from each station leaders will receive a -30 second bonus.
  • Brain Games- Teams that score in the top two highest tiers of Brain Games will receive a -60 or -30 second bonus.
  • Sack Race- Teams that have the top four times in the Sack Race will be called out (around 10:45 am) to face off for a -60 second bonus.
  • Tug-Of-War- Teams must do a tug-o-war competition at least once to complete the AR and turn in the team card. After your team has turned in the team card, you may challenge other teams at tug-of-war.  The station leader for Tug-of-War will be keeping a record and the two teams with the most wins will face off for a -60 second bonus around 10:45 am.
  • Minute to Win It- If time permits, there will be a final opportunity for bonus around 11:00 am. Teams will nominate one member to participate in a minute to win it challenge in front of the crowd and winner will receive a -30 second bonus.

For questions or information contact Libby Holmes at [email protected] or

(205) 856-7961.