Program Brochure Information - NUR/UAB

UAB Nursing Community College Partnership (UABCCP)

Joint Enrollment Program of Study

Jefferson State Community College
Nursing Education Program
2601 Carson Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

Jefferson State Nursing Education Contacts:

Dr. Melisa Walker, DNP, RN
Joint Enrollment Advisor
Jefferson Campus Chair
George Layton, Room 121
[email protected]

Kathleen Johnson
Traditional Pre-Nursing Advisor
Allen Library, Room 100 [email protected]

Dr. Anita Naramore, DNP, RN
Associate Dean of Nursing
George Layton, Room 107
[email protected]

JSCC’s Nursing Education Program Website:

JE Application Deadline due by 4:30 pm:
Fall term – May 21
Spring term – October 13

Jefferson State Community College and the University of Alabama at Birmingham are excited to offer students the option to obtain BOTH an associate degree in nursing (ADN) from JSCC AND a baccalaureate degree (BSN) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham at the SAME time!!!! Simultaneously completing the requirements for both the ADN and BSN programs will allow students to complete their programs of study in a much shorter time period while taking advantage of the lower community college credit hour costs!

Students will be admitted to the Joint Partnership option each FALL and SPRING. You must complete applications and be accepted to both schools. ALL general education coursework MUST be completed prior to admission in the Joint Partnership option. Students may be admitted conditionally if taking general education requirements in the semester prior to nursing program entry.

A specific application to JSCC’s JE Nursing Education Program must also be submitted to determine. If a student is unsuccessful in ANY nursing course, they will be unable to continue with the Joint Program. Should this occur, these students will have the option of continuing in the JSCC ADN program or applying to UAB’s traditional BSN program based upon program progression guidelines.

All interested students are strongly encouraged to review our website information especially the admission checklist, ranking sheet, frequently asked questions, etc. If you have a bachelor’s degree, please contact Dr. Walker to discuss you specific requirements. Advising appointments are available with Dr. Walker upon request.


First Term –JSCC
BIO 201 A&P 1 4
ENG 101 3
MTH 112 OR MTH 110 3
PSY 200 3
ORI 101 Orientation to College  1
Transfer students who have completed 12 transferable semester hours; personal enrichment students; or enrolled prior to Fall 2004 are EXEMPT.

Second Term – JSCC

BIO 202 A&P 2 4
ENG 102 3
HUM Elective 3
PSY 210 3
SPH 106/107 3

Third Term – JSCC

BIO 220 4
CHM 104 4
LIT Elective (Area II) Students must complete either a 6-hour sequence of
Area II Core LIT OR Area IV Core HIS 3
HIS Elective (Area IV) 3

Fourth Term – JSCC

CHM 105 (BIO 103 may be substituted for CHM 105) 4
Fine Arts Elective 3
MTH 265 or BUS 271 3
LIT (Area II) or HIS Elective (Area IV) 3
•A 2-course sequence is required in Either literature or history
• If LIT is chosen here, you must take HIS, Social and Behavioral Science course below
• If HIS chosen here, take HUM course below
HUM or Behavioral Science Elective 3

Total Credit Hours in General Education/Nursing Pre-Requisites (Completed at JSCC) 60

STARS University Parallel Approved Common Core Courses
(Jefferson State Community College Catalog 2018-2019)

Area II: Literature Courses that can be taken for the sequence (JSCC course options):
(Only if ENG 101 and ENG 102 completed)
ENG 251 – American Literature I
ENG 252 – American Literature II
ENG 261 – English Literature I
ENG 262 – English Literature II
ENG 271 – World Literature I
ENG 272 – World Literature II

Area II: Fine Arts
ART 100 – Art Appreciation
ART 203 – Art History I
ART 204 – Art History II
MUS 101 – Music Appreciation
THR 120 – Theatre Appreciation

Area II: Humanities
HUM 101 – Intro to Humanities I
HUM 102 – Intro to Humanities II
IDS 102 – Ethics
PHL 106 – Intro to Philosophy
PHL 206 – Ethics and Society
REL 100 – History of World Religions
REL 151 – Survey of the Old Testament
REL 152 – Survey of the New Testament

Area IV: History Courses that can be completed for the sequence (JSCC options)
HIS 101 – Western Civilization I
HIS 102 – Western Civilization II
HIS 121 – World History I
HIS 122 – World History II
HIS 201 – United States History I
HIS 202 – United States History II

AREA IV: Social and Behavioral Science
ANT 200 – Intro to Anthropology
ANT 210 – Physical Anthropology
ANT 230 – Cultural Anthropology
ECO 231 – Macroeconomics
ECO 232 – Microeconomics
GEO 100 – World Regional Geography
GEO 101 – Principles of Physical Geography
POL 200 – Intro to Political Science
POL 211 – American National Government
SOC 200 – Into to Sociology
SOC 210 – Social Problems

Students MUST be admitted to BOTH JSCC and UAB Nursing Programs to continue this curriculum pathway.

NUR courses at JSCC are on-campus, while UAB courses are online.

Fifth Term – JSCC/UAB
NUR 112 – Fundamentals of Nursing 7
NRN elective – Nursing Elective (UAB) 3
NRN 401Q – Professional Nursing Concepts for RNs 4

Sixth Term – JSCC/UAB
NUR 113 – Nursing Concepts I 8
NRN 402Q – Professional Leadership Development for RNs 3
NRN 405Q – Evidence-Based Nursing Practice and Informatics for RNs 3

Seventh Term – JSCC/UAB
NUR 114 – Nursing Concepts II 8
NUR 115 – Evidence-Based Clinical Reasoning 2
NRN 403Q – Systems Leadership for RNs 3

Eighth Term – JSCC/UAB
NUR 211 – Advanced Nursing Concepts 7
NRN 404Q – Quality and Patient Safety 4
NRN 407Q – Transitional Care Coordination Across the Lifespan for RNs 3

Ninth Term – JSCC/UAB
NUR 221 – Advanced Based Clinical Reasoning 7
NRN 406Q – Applied Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan for RNs 3
NRN 408Q – Population Health for RNs 4


General Education/Nursing Pre-Requisites Credit Hours completed at JSCC 60
RN to BSN Credits completed at UAB 30
Associate Degree Nursing Program Credits at JSCC 39
UABNCCP Total Credits 129

Joint Partnership (UABNCCP) Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

✓Be unconditionally admitted and in good standing with BOTH UAB and JSCC. Students applying for the JE program only may be conditionally admitted pending last transcript from transferring college. If transferring to JSCC, please apply as a “transfer” student.
✓You are strongly encouraged to complete JSCC’s college application by at least a month before applying as you must be accepted to JSCC before you can send and have transcripts evaluated. Also, plan to send a current transcript as soon as possible to begin the evaluation process even if currently taking courses at another college. Transcripts can then be sent again at the end of summer and fall semesters if you continue to take required courses.✓Submit Joint Program application on or before the posted deadline.
✓Minimum of 20 ACT composite National or Residual (offered at all Alabama Community Colleges).
✓Complete all required academic courses prior to application deadline or you may be admitted conditionally pending successful completion of ALL required coursework during the term prior to admission. Official transcripts must be received and evaluated prior to the first day of your admission term.
✓Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA on all college work.
✓Minimum of 2.5 GPA on required academic courses for nursing.
✓Meet the essential functions of the nursing program.✓All required general education course must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher for program admission and completion.

Admission to the UAB/JSCC Joint Nursing Program is competitive. The number of students admitted is limited by the number of faculty and clinical facilities available. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

Published guidelines and requirements are subject to change without notice.

Updated information will be posted on the Jefferson State web site as available