Tuskegee Articulation Agreement

Tuskegee-Articulation-Read-More 030619 104pArticulation Agreement with Tuskegee University

Students to Benefit from Articulation Agreement Between Jefferson State and Tuskegee Construction Management Programs

Growing complexity of construction projects is broadening the demand for more management level personnel within this industry. Nonetheless, more than 60% of professional management level in construction industry will retire within 4 to 5 years. Consequently, demands for construction graduates will sharply increase.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Construction management graduates with an Associate Degree, offer early career pay of just over $46,000 and mid-career pay of $72,100. According to Forbes Report one the  Bachelor’s Degrees with The highest earning potential is Construction Management. However, as tuition continues to rise, many students consider two-year degrees as the most efficient path to a rewarding career.

“Upon my arrival as the Program Coordinator, one of my early goals was to have Articulation Agreements with universities that offer Bachelor’s degrees in Construction Management,” said Jefferson State’s Construction and Building Science Technology Coordinator Mike Safavi. “This would  afford our  students the opportunity to continue and complete  Bachelor degrees if they decide to do so. We are proud of our new articulation agreement with Tuskegee University.”

Our Construction Management students at Jefferson State  are required to complete 71 semester credit hours to graduate and receive their Associate Degree. Tuskegee University’s Construction Science and Management (CSMT) Program will transfer 69 of these credit hours toward their B.S. degree. This will guarantee  Jefferson State’s  graduated students can directly enter into the 3rd year of CSMT program with junior standing.

The Construction Management Program  at Jefferson State  is one of the twelve two-year programs nationwide  accredited by American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). Although Jefferson State offers one of the best education in Construction Management nationwide in the Associate Degree level, for those who wish to continue toward their Bachelor’s degree, they now are able to do that with maximum course transference.

For more information about Jefferson State’s Construction and Building Science Technology Program, go to jeffersonstate.edu/cbst.