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Technical Requirements

  • Windows 10, Mac or ChromeOS PC with the full Chrome desktop browser
  • Google Chrome browser (minimum version 79)
  • Must be able to install the HonorLock Chrome Extension.
  • Functioning Webcam and Microphone
  • Stable Internet connection (Speed : 1.5 Mbps download, 750 Kbps upload)
  • Honorlock does not work on an iPad/mobile device.

IMPORTANT: No other browser or mobile devices are supported.
IMPORTANT: Users with end-of-life systems (that do no support Google Chrome)
will need to update their system or use another device.

Honorlock Instructions for Students

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Honorlock Student Privacy Information

Note: The Honorlock extension does not track any activity or record any data unless student
is taking a Blackboard exam requiring Honorlock Chrome Extension.

Student FAQ’s

Student Support Email
[email protected]