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Single Moms Earn Dental Assistant Certificates

May 19, 2016 dbobo Blog
Dental Assistant Class - Spring 2016

Single moms complete Jefferson State’s Dental Assistant Fast-Track Program with a 100 percent pass rate.

For 17 weeks, a class of single moms trained in the Dental Assistant Fast-Track Program at Jefferson State and, with a 100 percent pass rate, participated in a certificate presentation ceremony on May 20, 2016.

“These students now have the skills to enter the workforce as dental assistants,” said Jefferson State Workforce Education Director Kay Potter. “By finishing this class, these single moms are an inspiration to us and their children.”

While the moms learned to be dental assistants, their children were learning down the hall at the St. Clair County Head Start. This two-generational approach serves both parents and children to help improve their quality of life.

The students were sponsored by the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, the St. Clair County Head Start, the First Methodist Church of Pell City, and Dr. Scott Barnett of Pell City Dental. This shared effort provided everything from scholarships to meals to training facilities.

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The conclusion of this dental assistant class marks the fourth time Jefferson State has facilitated this type of training program involving non-profit, private, and public entities in a collaborative partnership.

“It is clear these moms want to provide a better quality of life for their children,” said Potter. “They also want to show their children the value of education by attending class and studying at home.”

Dental assisting is both an in-demand job and a great pathway to an upward moving career in the dental field. Dental assisting is one of 15 short-term workforce training certificates offered through the Center for Workforce Education at Jefferson State. To see more Fast-Track programs, go to

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