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STEM Education and Workforce Development Luncheon

April 25, 2017 mpartain Blog

Gary Palmer STEM Conference 4-24-17 8x6Jefferson State Community College, along with Birmingham-Southern College, and the Alabama Scientific Advisory Group co-hosted a luncheon and discussion on STEM Education and Workforce Development, Monday April 24th 2017.

The goal was to bring together educators and administrators from area K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to share how each is using STEM education to prepare students for the workforce.

Speakers included Susan Hagen Ph.D. of Birmingham-Southern,  Melanie Styers, Ph.D. of Birmingham-Southern College, Calvin Briggs, Ed.D of Lawson State Community College,  Abby Guerin and Josh Carpenter Ph.D. of Innovate Birmingham, UAB, and Erin Arnold Ph.D. of Jefferson State Community College.  The keynote address was given by Congressman Gary Palmer, United States Representative for Alabama’s Sixth District.

Congressman Palmer spoke on legislation relating to STEM and STEM funding, his ideas to increase broadband access in rural communities, Women in STEM, and technology coming out of NASA.  Congressman Gary Palmer currently sits on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.