Study In Costa Rica! - Interest Sessions

September 5, 2023 Campaign@2021 Blog

COSTARICA PostInterested in Studying Spanish or Speech 106 in Costa Rica!

Live Interest Sessions  

September 13th – 2pm  

  • Jefferson Campus
  • Bethune Deramus Rm 116 – snacks served

September 14th – Noon 

  • Shelby-Hoover campus
  • JMB 101 – Pizza Served

Come learn about the Costa Rica program, which is scheduled to travel May 4-18, 2024, to San Juan and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  This is an opportunity for language immersion or learning how to do intercultural communications. Any level of Spanish is available along with Speech 106.

An additional interest session is available for the Gillman Scholarship for Study Abroad (for Pell Eligible) students on September 15th at 11am on Friday.  To sign up for Gilman Virtual session, please go to 


Stacye Thompson, PhD/PDSO
Coordinator of International Student Services
[email protected]
(205) 856-7920