Curriculum/Cost – Evening Program - NUR


*All of the academics listed directly below must be completed prior to applying to the Evening program

Prior Courses

Courses: ENG 101, MTH 100, BIO 201 A&P I, SPH 106/107, BIO 202 A&P II, HUM/ART, PSY 210, BIO 220 – Total 27 Credit Hours

First Semester

Course Credit
NUR 112 Fundamentals Concept of Nursing 7
Orientation Success
Total 7

Second Semester

NUR 113 Nursing Concepts I 8
Total 8

Third Semester

NUR 114 Nursing Concepts II 8
NUR 115 Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning 2
Total 10

Fourth Semester

NUR 211 Advanced Nursing Concepts 7
Total 7

Fifth Semester

NUR 221 Advanced Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning 7
Total 7
Nursing Credit Hours 39
Academics Credit Hours 27
Program Totals 66

*Evening Program only: All academic core college courses must be completed prior to application deadline. These include: ENG 101, MTH100 or higher, BIO201, BIO202, SPH106 or 107, PSY210, BIO220 & Humanities Elective.

NOTE:  Jefferson State will not award an LPN certificate upon completion of the third term of the RN program.