Administrative Medical Assistant

Assistant professional will find just the right career fit!

Administrative Medical Assistants find career opportunities in the offices of general medical and surgical hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, outpatient care centers and many other medical facilities. The many responsibilities of administrative medical assistants include a strong combination of knowledge of automated medical equipment and patient care, as well as an understanding of medical office protocols.

All of these factors have combined to create a huge potential job market for qualified Administrative Medical Assistants. And this course will provide you with the skill set and expertise that will make you irresistible to prospective health care employers.

This career training will introduce students to topics such as medical terminology, privacy and risk management. The course will cover medical insurance billing and coding with emphasis placed on the use of computers in the medical office, telephone techniques, and the importance of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Upon successful completion of Administrative Medical Assistant course, students will be prepared for entry level positions handling front office responsibilities in a medical office setting.

Some typical tasks for an Administrative Medical Assistant include:

  • Scheduling and referrals of patients
  • Providing patient instructions regarding procedures and tests performed in the physician’s office
  • Coding diagnoses and procedures for insurance
  • Maintaining records for license renewals, insurance premiums and membership fees
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA guidelines
  • Handle mail, billing, insurance claims, credit, and collections

Please Note: To enter this program, students should have a high school diploma or GED. To successfully complete the program, students must be able to type 35 words per minute by the last class date.


Course Fee (Due Upon Registration) $999
*Textbook $250 approx
* Textbook price subject to change.
Certification $117

Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) scholarships may be available for qualified and eligible students. Please call (205) 856-7710 for details.