Medical Transcription and Editing

Medical transcription professionals play a key role in providing accurate medical records. The industry is evolving to include two important and distinct roles:

  • Medical transcriptionists who type (or transcribe) the dictations of doctor-patient interactions, creating the reports that are included in patients’ medical records.
  • Medical transcription editors who are specialized medical transcriptionists focused on correcting and editing the written reports generated by speech recognition software, which electronically transcribes dictations into text.

Where do medical transcriptionists and editors work?

Medical transcription is primarily a work-from-home occupation, giving you the opportunity to have a professional career from the comfort of your own home. Most healthcare providers outsource their medical transcription work to national healthcare documentation companies, which hire medical transcription professionals from all over the country to transcribe and edit the records from their homes in an online, virtual work environment.

How much do medical transcriptionists and editors earn?

Medical transcription professionals are compensated in several different ways, and the amount each individual earns varies with employer and experience level. However, these professionals are usually paid on a production basis, and the U.S. Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of medical transcriptionists earn between $27,650 and $40,820 a year.

Is the medical transcription field growing?

There is a growing demand for well-trained medical transcription professionals, and there are several factors driving this growth:

  • Employer demand – Hundreds of employers have hired our graduates, and there currently are not enough graduates to meet their hiring needs.
  • Speech recognition technology – Many healthcare facilities are switching to this new technology, prompting many transcriptionists to retire and creating more demand for editing professionals.

Training designed to improve your life

Built on over 20 years of experience in training high-quality medical transcriptionists this is one of the first comprehensive medical transcription and editing training programs in the industry. The Medical Transcription Editor program helps you quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to get a good job to better support your family and improve your financial security.

Prepare for a better job

Our expert-designed curriculum is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), and it includes real-world practical experience to ensure you gain the skills you need to excel in the workforce. The curriculum is specially designed to:

  • Help you gain the skills of both a medical transcriptionist and a specialized medical transcription editor
  • Simulate the real world by training you on hundreds of authentic physician dictations
  • Prepare you for the future of the industry as it relies more on speech recognition technology
  • Train you to begin working from home immediately upon graduation

Learn at home

With online training, you can minimize the challenges of taking time out to return to school. The online training format offers distinct advantages, including the opportunity to:

  • Study on a schedule that fits your life
  • Progress at the pace that matches your learning style
  • Enjoy the flexibility to adjust the time and effort you devote to your coursework each day

Accomplish your goals with useful education

Our AHDI-approved training is designed to help you accomplish your goal of getting a job. In addition to employer-trusted curriculum and online flexibility you’ll have one-on-one access to three instructor support teams–student support technical support and graduate support–to ensure you can complete your education and prepare for a better future! All of these teams are committed to helping you:

  • Graduate quickly
  • Prepare for industry certification
  • Successfully move into the workforce

Program overview and approximate completion hours

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