Apply - Financial Aid

Application Procedures

How Awards are Determined

Once the student submits the FAFSA, it is processed by the U. S. Department of Education to determine the student’s eligibility. In approximately three to six weeks, Jefferson State and the student will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR).

Please note that Jefferson State will contact the student via U.S. Mail concerning institutional documentation once the FAFSA is received. All communication after the initial letter is mailed will be strictly through the students Jefferson State email account.   It is the students’ responsibility to check their email account and submit the required documents within 5 days of receiving their email.

Students are also reminded that they may be asked to verify information they submit on the FAFSA. Awards are determined using the “Expected Family Contribution” (EFC) found on the SAR; this is the amount that the student and his family should be able to contribute to educational expenses. The college has established cost of attendance estimates for various categories of students. A financial aid officer will compare the students EFC to Jefferson State’s cost of attendance to determine the student’s eligibility for federal financial aid.

The Federal Pell Grant award is prorated when a student is enrolled in less than 12 credit hours in a semester (less than full time).  Depending on the amount of Pell grant eligibility, the chart below may not apply to all students.  Some students attending less than full time may not be eligible to receive a Pell grant award.

  1. Students receive 25% of award when taking less than 6 semester hours.
  2. Students receive 50% of award when taking 6-8 semester hours.
  3. Students receive 75% of award when taking 9-11 semester hours.
  4. Students receive 100% of award when taking 12 or more semester hours.

Students should register for classes that lead to the completion of their designated major. Financial Aid will not pay for classes taken outside of the student’s major on file at the time the student registers.

Repeating Course Policy for Financial Aid

A new federal regulation limits the number of times a student may repeat a course and receive financial aid for that course.

If a student gets a ‘W’ or an ‘F’ in a course, that student is allowed to repeat the course and receive financial aid (assuming he/she is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress) until he/she receives a ‘D’ or better. Once the student has received a ‘D’ grade or better, he/she can repeat the course a second time and still receive federal aid. The third time the student repeats a course in which he/she has earned a ‘D’ or better, this course is no longer eligible for Title IV funds.

The hours associated with the repeated course will be excluded from the student’s enrollment status for financial aid award purposes. However, this attempt is not excluded from the calculation for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Listed below are a few scenarios for example purposes:

Grades Earned

  • D, C – If the student repeats the course again, that course is no longer eligible for financial aid.
  • F, F, D, W, B – If the student repeats the course again, that course is no longer eligible for financial aid.
  • F, F, D, B – If the student repeats the course again, that course is no longer eligible for financial aid.
  • F, D, W, F, C -If the student repeats the course again, that course is no longer eligible for financial aid.

If a student retakes a course that is not aid eligible, a recalculation of aid is completed to exclude the credits for the repeated course. This rule applies whether or not the student received aid for earlier enrollments in the course.

All repeated courses affect financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations. A repeated course, along with the original attempt, will be counted as attempted credit hours.

Transient Students

A transient student is a student who attends another college and will be in attendance at Jefferson State one semester and then return to their home institution. Transient students are not eligible to receive financial aid at Jefferson State.