Eligibility for In-State Residency

In-State Residency

Residency status is determined upon admission to Jefferson State. The in-state tuition rate will be extended to students who have graduated from an Alabama high school or obtained a GED in the State of Alabama within three years of the date of their application for admission.

Students who do not meet this criterion may qualify for in-state tuition. Determination of eligibility for in-state tuition shall be made by Jefferson State after evaluating the presence or absence of connections with the State of Alabama.

Required Documentation

  • Certification of Eligibility for In-State Residency Application
  • Alabama Identification – driver license, permit or state ID
  • 3 Supporting Documents
  • Alabama auto title registration
  • Alabama auto tag receipt
  • Insurance policy with an Alabama address (Only 1 item from this category)
  • Alabama hunting/fishing license
  • Alabama pistol permit
  • Payment of Alabama state taxes as a resident or dependent
  • Proof of ownership of residence or other real property in state and payment of ad valorem taxes on the residency or property
  • Payment of state taxes on personal property and possession of state license plate (e.g., automobile, boat, etc.)
  • Full-time Employment of applicant, spouse or parent in Alabama (letter from employer on company letterhead stating full-time employment and hire date)

See the Complete list  of acceptable documentation The application and supporting documentation may be submitted to the Admissions Office ([email protected]).