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For more information about Jefferson State Community College or to request an interview contact:

David Bobo
Director, Community and Media Relations
[email protected]
205.983.5306 office
205.613.4114 cell
Health Sciences Building, Shelby-Hoover Campus, room 318

Graphic Standards

Jefferson State’s official colors, logos and other marketing graphics are included below. These designs should not be altered in any way without approval by the Office Community and Media Relations. When inserting these and other images into a document, resizing should only be done proportionally so that stretching and distortion does not occur. Designs may be watermarked. If you need a logo designed for a specific purpose or need more assistance, contact the Director of Community and Media Relations.

Editorial Style

Jefferson State’s uses The Associated Press Stylebook as a guide for all information produced by the office. AP Style is the standard for college and university marketing departments across the nation. For assistance, please contact Jefferson State’s Director of Community and Media Relations.


Consistent typography creates continuity in communications and contributes to overall college branding. “LATO” is the college’s primary font used in current advertising campaigns and other promotional materials, with “Lato Black” frequently used for headings and subheadings. However, other fonts are used in designs for impact, practicality or to create a specific effect. In general correspondence as well as in reports and other official documents and communications, “Calibri” is preferred.

Official Colors

JSCC Primary Color Purple

Purple (Primary)

  • PMS 259
  • RGB = R 128, G 0, B 128
  • HTML #800080

JSCC Secondary Color Grey

Gray (Secondary)

  • PMS 403
  • RGB = R 128, G 128, B 128
  • HTML #808080

 Logos and Slogans

Click the file names to download the desired size image.

JSCC Logo_Page_Icon

JSCC Purple Logo_Page_Icon

Find_Your_Place_White_Transparent_Page Icon_PNG

Find_your_Place_Purple_Transparent_Page Icon_PNG