YLDP - Youth Leadership Development Program

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The Greater Alabama Council Youth Leadership Development Program  was initiated in 2008. Its purpose is to provide a leadership  program for deserving high school juniors and seniors from area partner  high schools, that have chosen to provide this great opportunity for  their students.

The Youth Leadership Development Program is enacted through the  fundamental support of thirteen higher education partners —Jefferson  State Community College; Lawson State Community College; UAB; University  of Montevallo; Auburn University; Jacksonville State University;  University of West Alabama; Birmingham Southern College, Wallace State Community College, Troy University, University of North Alabama, The  University of Alabama and Auburn University Montgomery. In addition to  these thirteen outstanding institutions, vital support for this   youth  opportunity has come from the United Way of Central Alabama  and many other community education, medical, corporate, and political  resources. The United Way of Central Alabama and these institutions,  companies and individuals have made it possible to provide this  education program and have generously opened the door to scholarship opportunities, to assist successful students from this program reach  their full potential. These institutions, corporations, and individuals  are acknowledged in our guide and are deserving of our gratitude.

Briefly, the students selected for this program are identified and  recommended by their high school principals, counselors   and  teachers. They are students who have by their behavior and character,  earned the respect of their educators and are supported by them.

The Youth Leadership Development Program is a nine-month program which  meets once a month for approximately two and a half hours (4:30 p.m.  — 7:00 p.m.) During each of these meetings the participants hear one or  two outstanding speakers, chosen because of his/her accomplishments,  stature, and character. Also, during these sessions the participants participate in small group meetings where they learn various leadership  traits through discussions and activities facilitated by local  college honor students. In addition to the monthly meetings, there are  numerous community service projects for the YLDP students to attend  and learn the benefits and blessings of helping their own communities.

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Successful participants are graduated with a Youth Leadership Development  Program certificate, respected for future resumes and are eligible to apply  for available scholarships, as recognized Greater Alabama Council Youth  Leaders. These scholarships are listed in this guide along with the criteria  by which they will be awarded.

Thanks to our consortium of community partners this program provides each  select participant with the opportunity to enhance his/her already  identified leadership abilities and take hold of his/her future. Leadership  like respect is earned not given!

To learn more about the YLDP, please visit  www.alyldp.com