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Did you know that over 55 million Americans have disabilities?  That means that 1 out of every 5 people has a disability!  Chances  are that either you or someone you know has a disability.  Examples of common disabilities are:  head injuries, specific learning disabilities, psychological disorders like anxiety or depression, chronic health impairments, as well as speech, hearing, mobility, and visual impairments.

Stop by the ADA Awareness Booth on your campus for more information and a snack break, and later watch a short film entitled, “My Life with a Learning Disability”. A brief discussion will follow the much acclaimed short film authored by a high school student who tells what life was like at school while struggling with a learning disability.

Join in on your campus to learn more during ADA Awareness Week at Jefferson State!! 

  • Chilton-Clanton Campus – Monday, Oct. 23rd 9:30-11:30a.m. with film in the Library at 11:30a.m.
  • St. Clair-Pell City Campus – Tuesday, Oct. 24th 9:15-11:15a.m. with film in the Conference Room at 11:15a.m.
  • Jefferson Campus (Lurleen-Wallace Hall Lobby) – Wed., Oct. 25th 9:30-11:30a.m. with film at 12:00 noon in Allen Library Room 111
  • Shelby-Hoover Campus (General Studies Bldg. Lobby) – Thurs., Oct. 26th 9:30-11:30a.m. with film in the Library at 11:30a.m.

Anne Sherman

Director – ADA Accommodations Office
(205) 856-6077
(205) 856-7993 fax

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