Hybrid Courses

Child Development courses are taught in a hybrid manner meaning that a course meets half the semester in class and the other half on-line.

What is a Child Development “hybrid” course?

It is a course that meets half the semester in class and the other half on-line.

How does it work?

Two Child Development courses are taught at the same time on the same campus but they alternate  weeks meeting in-class and on-line.

For Example: CHD 100 and CHD 204 are scheduled same day –   same time – same campus

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
CHD 100 In-Class On-Line In-Class On-Line
CHD 204 On-Line In-Class On-Line In-Class

Notice that the nights CHD 100 is in class are the weeks that CHD 204 are on-line and vice-versa.  This arrangement means you can complete two courses attending class one night a week and if you are  only taking one course you come to class every other week.

  1.  One can complete two courses attending one night a week or attend one course  every other week.
  2.  The on-line portion of the course is paced!
  3.  Almost all on-campus Child Development courses are hybrid.
What if you don’t know much about the internet?

If you e-mail, you can do a hybrid course!   It is simple and we make sure our students can access the  courses on the first night of class.   If there are any challenges, we have technical support staff to help.

 What if you don’t have a computer?

We have computer labs accessible to students in the Learning Resource Centers and the Libraries at all  JSCC campuses…not to mention, friends, family and the public libraries.

What are the advantages of a hybrid course?

It is the best of both worlds, you get to spend half of your course in class with your fellow students and  you get to go on-line anytime day or night to complete the other half of your course.


All CHD hybrid courses begin at 5:15 pm. During registration, this time is removed from one of the two parallel courses to prevent registration time conflicts. Refer to course information when considering a CHD hybrid course for this information and more.

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