What must I do to enter the FSE program?

In order to enter the FSE program, there are two prerequisites. All who meet these requirements are eligible for entry into the program. The two requirements are:

  1. You must have a valid state board of funeral service apprenticeship (this means you must be working in a funeral home as an apprentice/intern and have registered yourself with your state board of funeral service, including paying of any required fees to the state).
  2. You must have completed fifteen semester hours (25 quarter hours) of college courses that include: English, math, speech, social science and humanities courses. All of these courses must be completed PRIOR to being accepted into the FSE program and must be approved by the Funeral Service Education advisors and the college.

I don’t want to be an embalmer I just want to be a funeral director, what should I do?

Jefferson State Community College Funeral Service Education Program offers a certificate program from people interested in just funeral directing. The program takes one year to complete.

There are two requirements to enter the program:

  1. A valid apprenticeship with a funeral home and
  2. English Composition I and Math.

I have a funeral director’s license and I just want an embalmer’s license, what should I do?

Jefferson State Community College Funeral Service Education Program does not offer an associate degree for just embalmers. The courses are for funeral directors as well as embalmers.

I have completed an application to Jefferson State Community College, what do I do next?

Contact the Funeral Service Education Department to make sure official transcripts were received and to speak with an advisor. Please note: If you sent transcripts directly to enrollment services please contact the transcript evaluators to get the transcript evaluated, (205) 856-7704.