Admission Requirements - PTA

Prerequisite Coursework and Other Requirements

The following file refers to the current requirements for candidates applying by January 15, 2019. Published guidelines and requirements are subject to change without notice.

Please download the List of Requirements.

Sample Curriculum

The following file presents a sample curriculum for the prerequisite portion. In addition, it provides an overview of the core course sequence for both the On-Campus and Online curriculum. Sample Curriculum.

Ranking Formula for Qualified Candidates

Students who have completed the requirements and all application procedures prior to the deadline will be considered for admission. Qualified students are ranked for admission based on a point system for items on file at the time of the PTA application deadline.

Please download the Ranking Formula.

Optional Points

Prospective PTA Students can earn bonus points to go towards their PTA application.

Options for qualified candidates applying by January 15, 2019 include:

    1. Completion of PHS 112 (Physical Science 112) with a grade of C or higher; or
    2. Completion of any 3-semester unit Physics course with grade of C or higher; or
    3. Completion of the Introduction to PTA Seminar

Prospective PTA Students have the opportunity to earn additional bonus points to go towards their PTA application based on enrollment and/or completion of PTA 120 Introduction to Kinesiology at Jefferson State Community College. This is an optional course but is highly recommended for students interested in applying to the PTA program.