Mission Statement

The Biology Department offers courses in biology. These courses are part of the General Education core in our associate and certificate programs.

The mission of the Biology Department is consistent with the mission of Jefferson State Community College. The department provides biology courses appropriate for students majoring in both science and non-science disciplines. Our teaching aims to help prepare students for their future professions both inside and outside of the scientific field and also to be a more informed member of their community, able to make responsible decisions in biological matters.

The department will:
  • provide pre-professional programs that offer a structured, timely and comprehensive education.
  • provide quality instruction in freshman and sophomore level courses in biology that transfer to senior institutions, and that lead to associate degrees.
  • prepare students with strong content knowledge in biology with emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills, which will allow them to meet their career goals.
  • advise students regarding choice of courses relevant to their academic major and senior institution. The Biology Department is committed to excellence in student advisement and career planning.
  • support public service activities by providing faculty expertise to government agencies, to industry, to educational systems and to professionals desiring additional scientific education or advice.