Math/Engineering/Physical Sciences

Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics/Engineering/Physical Sciences offers a broad range of courses that service the career programs of the college and that will transfer to baccalaureate degree granting institutions. The department also offers developmental mathematics courses to prepare students for college level mathematics.

The department will:
  • provide freshman and sophomore-level course work which meets or exceeds the standards of public institutions of higher learning.
  • offer an innovative remedial mathematics program accommodating various skill levels.
  • develop and provide courses relevant to the career and professional degree programs of the college.
  • prepare students with strong content knowledge in chemistry and physics with emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills, which will allow them to meet career goals.
  • offer transferable courses in astronomy and physical science that will meet general education requirements in science.
  • ensure supplementary student support through audiovisual materials and tutorial services.
  • provide academic advising to students with engineering majors and general studies.