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The Alabama Theatre will open for guests beginning at 12:30 pm. Each guest, including children, will need to have a ticket to enter. All graduates will still need to report to the large brown doors on 18th Street at 11:00 to check in.

Graduation Application Process and Deadlines

Students should apply the term prior to the term they plan to graduate so that the Graduation Office will have time to communicate with them about courses needed for graduation.

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Fall Graduation – June 15
  • May Graduation – October 15
  • August Graduation – February 15
  • The last day to post graduates will be the day before classes begin for the next term. Grades of Incompletes (I) must be changed to a passing grade before this date. No degrees will be posted after the day before classes begin for the next term.
  • Students who will be transferring courses back to Jefferson State to meet graduation requirements must have an official transcript (with grades) in Enrollment Services and evaluated no later than the day before classes start for the next term.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Graduation Office at (205) 856-7793 or (205) 856-7757 that a transcript will be forthcoming.
  • If transfer work is not received and evaluated in a timely manner, graduation for the term could be affected.
  • Pay All College Fees.
  • All past due financial obligations must be cleared prior to receiving your degree. Transcripts are held for those accounts not cleared prior to graduation.
  • Degrees posted will appear on your Pipeline online transcript.

2015 Commencement Ceremony

All students graduating or are pending for graduation for spring semester will have their name, honors, hometown, and major listed in the Commencement Program. Students wishing this information not to be included must email and request their information be excluded. The request must include a signature.

May 8, 2015 for students graduating in August 2014, December 2014, and May 2015. Information about the ceremony will be mailed to graduates by March 15, 2015.

Students may view their graduation status through My JSCC Pipeline on their transcript. Students who have been approved to graduate upon successful completion of their current courses will have “Pending” as their status under Degree/Certificate Awarded near the top of their transcript.

Because seating is limited at the Alabama Theater, each graduate who pre-registers for the ceremony by April 3, 2015 will be issued up to 5 tickets. You will be able to select how many tickets you will need in the ceremony registration survey. Directions to complete the survey can be found here.
Depending on the registration, the number of allotted tickets may be lowered at a later time for those who register after April 3, 2015.

Graduation Applications

Complete one graduation application for each degree/certificate you are seeking. You may apply online or complete the hardcopy graduation application. If you complete the hardcopy graduation application do not apply online also.

  • Online Graduation Application – Apply through your My JSCC account. Click Student Records/Apply to Graduate.
  • Hard copy graduation application – Complete and print your Graduation Application return to one of the following locations.
    • Jefferson Campus Enrollment Services Office in Allen Library 100
    • Shelby-Hoover Campus, Enrollment Services Office, Health Sciences Building 134
    • St. Clair-Pell City Campus and Chilton-Clanton Campus, Enrollment Services Office
    • Fax application to (205) 856-8097 or mail to Enrollment Services, Jefferson State Community College, 2601 Carson Road, Birmingham, AL 35215.

Graduate Communication

Last minute communication regarding graduation will be conducted via the student’s JSCC email address. Graduates have the responsibility to insure their mail boxes at their JSCC email address is clear to receive mail and that the mail is read and managed appropriately.

Graduates may contact the Graduation Office at for additional information.

All students graduating or pending graduation from Jefferson State will be included in the annual printed Commencement Program. Students must submit written notification to the Graduation Office if they do not wish to be included in the printed Commencement Program. The written notification must include your signature. Email

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