Faculty Members and Administrative Staff

Commencement marks a most important occasion for the entire college, and it is a high point in the education achievement of the graduating students. Faculty and administrative staff at Jefferson State play an important role in the success of the Commencement Ceremony. The commencement ceremony permits the entire academic community to give special recognition to you, our faculty, and administrative staff, who have contributed so greatly to the academic development and standing of Jefferson State Community College.

Arrival Time

Faculty members and administrative staff participating in the commencement ceremony need to report no later than 12:30 p.m. for check-in and assembly. Ambassadors will be available to direct you to your assembly location.

Where do I go?

Ambassadors will be available at the entrances to direct you to your check-in and assembly location.


The Processional marks the official beginning of the ceremony. The Processional is the entrance into the auditorium by the Candidates, the Faculty, and the Platform Party. You will be led into the auditorium by the Faculty Marshal. Once at your seat, remain standing until all faculty have arrived at their seat and the Platform Party is in place on the stage. The President will invite you to take your seat after the singing of the National Anthem, posting of colors, and the offering of the Invocation.


The Recessional follows the Processional in reverse order. The platform party Marshal begins the recessional by leading the Platform Party from the stage and exiting the auditorium. The faculty, led by the Faculty Marshal, follows the platform party in exiting the room. The Recessional signifies the official end of the ceremony.