ACCS Fast Facts

The System seeks to provide affordable, accessible quality educational opportunities, to promote economic growth, and to enhance the quality of life for people of Alabama.

  • 65 percent of all college freshmen and sophomores in Alabama are enrolled in Alabama Community College System institutions.
  • 96 percent of Alabama Community College System students are from Alabama.
  • 80 percent of all new jobs in the next decade will require postsecondary education, but not necessarily university degrees.
  • Two-year college graduates earn 24 percent more in the workplace than those with a high school diploma.
  • The average age of the Alabama Community College System student is 28 and 23 percent are over age 40.
  • Two-year college students transferring to four-year universities and enrolling in teacher education programs have a pass rate of 94 percent on the Basic Skills Test compared with an 85 percent pass rate for all other students.
  • 98 percent of all new practical nurses and 55 percent of all new professional nurses in Alabama during the past three years have graduated from Alabama Community College

System institutions

  • 81 percent of professional and practical nursing graduates from Alabama Community College System institutions pass the national licensure examination on their first attempt, exceeding the State Board of Nursing standards that require a minimum 80 percent passing rate.
  • The Alabama Community College System offers customized training and other special assistance to approximately 10,000 employees of 900 Alabama businesses and industries each year.
  • The Alabama Community College System enrolls 55 percent of all first-time college students in Alabama.